What are the Characteristics of a Really Excellent Manager?

August 28, 2008

It occurred to me that, with decades of study of good (and bad) management behind me, I want to assemble a list of characteristics of really good managers I’ve known, worked for, or otherwise encountered. I don’t intend to discuss skills, experience, or education in particular, but rather the less tangible personal behaviors and traits that I believe are less well understood, but possibly of highest importance to good management. Many of these probably fall under the heading of “emotional intelligence“, but many also stem from introspection, self-awareness, and empathy for others. These managers blended the roles of manager and leader as needed to get great results and raise the performance of everyone associated with them. I will revise and refine the list over time, and welcome your suggestions for additions or changes. Please read further, and leave me a comment or otherwise contact me with your additions, ideas, questions, etc. Thanks in advance. The list follows. – Tim Read the rest of this entry »