Resume – Timothy F. Prosser

Timothy F. Prosser, Ann Arbor, MI 48103 (please contact via comment form at bottom of page)

I am a strong proponent of the principles of transformational management, the importance of creativity, and the involvement of all constituents and stakeholders in any enterprise. Read my list of characteristics of a good manager to see the qualities I aim for at “What are the Characteristics of a Really Excellent Manager.”


Career Overview (includes overlaps):
– 18 years in product development
– 16 years managing projects using project management methods and tools
– 19 years supervising high-performing teams
– 7.5 years qualifying and testing OEM products
– 5 years running a product service department
– 5 years writing user manuals and technical documentation
– 4 years (and counting) in EVMS scheduling and project management

Industry Experience:
– 3 years in wholesale/retail electronics
– 5 years in the computer networking industry
– 3 years in the machine vision industry
– 7.5 years in the computer manufacturing industry
– 3 years in industrial fluid handling (automotive supplier)
– 10 years with a global auto manufacturer
– 4 years in the defense industry (and counting)


October 2008-present  EVMS Scheduler, AM General Corp., Livonia, MI

  • Responsible for developing and maintaining master schedules for defense contracts under EVMS
  • Part of the first programs to implement EVMS at AM General
  • Responsible for project budget tracking and expenditure approval

1998-July 2008 Project Management Analyst, Integrated Management Systems, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI (contract to Ford Motor Co.)

  • Led and mentored teams of planners and individuals providing program plans, risk assessments, and project management services in the extremely complex automotive product development environment
  • Created and administered vehicle development program and team-level workplans for programs up to $1 billion
  • Worked with suppliers to successfully complete designs and a wide variety of testing programs, and deliver parts and assemblies to assembly plants on time
  • Drove identification and resolution of issues, and developed recovery plans
  • Developed new processes and systems to help clients manage their businesses
  • Developed and taught project management skills, tools, and methods
  • Streamlined three planning positions into a single responsibility in under 3 months (twice)

1996-1998 Product Information Systems Supervisor, Graco Inc., Automotive & Industrial Div..

  • Managed Product Information Operations, and supervised writers and records management staff
  • Wrote and compiled documentation for large and small scale industrial fluid handling systems
  • Created instructions, diagrams, and other documentation for new technology applications

1995-1996 Product Information Systems Supervisor Integrated Management Systems, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI.

  • Developed technical documentation for automotive supplier, Graco, Inc.
  • Coordinated, expedited, and oversaw final production and delivery of documentation to the customer
  • Supervised both engineering records and technical documentation departments

1987-1994 Principal Engineer, Unisys Corporation, Printer Div.

  • Led engineering team in a printer qualification program completed in 1/3 the time of previous programs
  • Supervised test lab operations and the daily activities of up to 18 technical professionals
  • Served as corporate internal ISO9000 auditor for two years
  • Served as departmental coordinator in the acquisition of ISO9001 certification
  • Served as guide to ISO9000 auditors during primary and maintenance certification audits
  • Participated in first team to fully qualify and release a new OEM printer product in less than 6 weeks.

1985-1986 Systems Engineer, Applied Intelligent Systems, Inc.

  • Built high speed image processor and automatic inspection system prototypes
  • Re-engineered an unstable image processing computer in two months to run for weeks without error (at AISI)
  • Wrote test software and procedural documentation for both development lab and production testing
  • Carried out field service and debugging of automatic inspection systems at customer sites

1983-1985 Systems Engineer, Synthetic Vision Systems, Inc.,

  • Ran development laboratory and technical library
  • Built high speed image processor and automatic inspection system prototypes
  • Wrote test software and procedural documentation for both development lab and production testing
  • Helped re-engineer a high-speed image processing computer to increase processing speed and reliability in six months

1982-1983 Production Manager, Engineering Manager, Anatron Inc.

  • Responsible for production and product quality improvements
  • Managed engineering staff and led product design and manufacturing engineering activities
  • Wrote and produced product manuals (won Society for Technical Communications S.E. Mich. award for best instruction manual 1982)
  • Created and documented production and inventory control systems
  • Solved serious design and supplier quality problems to improve production yield from 25% to >97%

1977-1982 Communication Engineer, ADP Network Services Div.

  • Developed and documented departmental database systems
  • Wrote system and peripheral test software and documentation
  • Held responsibility for maintaining over 2200 pieces of computer equipment in over 70 company facilities
  • Devised a system that reduced service costs by over $600,000 per year

EDUCATION: MBA, University Of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI; 1991

  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Eastern Michigan University
  • Classes in general management skills, technical writing, team facilitator skills, presentation skills, organizational creativity development, statistical process control, ISO9001 auditing, CTQA (Baldridge) Quality Award examiner training, and many software tools
  • Publications: Effective Planning for Big Projects series published July 2008 at

13 Responses to Resume – Timothy F. Prosser

  1. Tim based on your David Perry comment I think you might be an interesting guest for my online call in radio show about recruiting.

    It’s a rowdy show so it doesn’t suit everybody but if you’re interested please let me know. , highlights at

  2. timprosser says:

    Thanks much, recruiting animal.
    I will contact you via email to discuss your show, as I am interested in participating.
    Thanks for the opportunity.
    – Tim

  3. Mr. Prosser,

    Very interesting. I met Dr. Deming in 1980 and had several meeting over dinner and one other seminar. From 1980 to 1984 worked with teams at U.S. Steel, Gary to test Dr. Demings methods with unbelievable success. I realized that his process was credible and totally doable. however, he hadn’t created an implementation process to go with the tools and philosophy. In late 1984, I left U.S. Steel and created what I thought would be a good implementation process. Ironically, U.S. Steel called me back as a consutant a year later and gave me a beta test site. During the 1st year, we were very successful, but the company went on strike and we had to leave. Over the next decade, I worked with several companies with much success in application but no success in convincing management to adapt the process.

    I realized it was totally my fault because i was so interested in proving the system worked more than convincing management to make the transformation needed.

    I would like to talk to you and discuss the possibility of collaborating about my system and maybe a future venture.

    I too have been called the people whisperer many times, but never took it seriously.

    Looking forward to talking to you.

    Jim Gill

  4. timprosser says:

    Thanks, Jim. Please do contact me, as I’m definitely interested in hearing your ideas, and collaboration isn’t out of the question.
    The foundations of effective management are far more in the culture of the organization than in the individual, in my experience, and savvy managers understand this. Most Western companies seem to throw the tools of quality management at their problems without the underlying philosophy, and then wonder why it doesn’t work as they expected. One of the most important things I learned from Dr. Deming was that an organization must internalize change, making it part of the culture, and not just treat it as a band aid, to really succeed. If the culture doesn’t support the change, it won’t stick, or at least live up to its promise.

    I’ve never been called “people whisperer” that I know of, but wanted to write about the concept, as I think the best managers often have at least some of this kind of skill.

    Thanks much for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you again.
    Best of luck and thanks again – Tim

  5. Dave Tuffs says:

    Just discovered your website while doing some research related to total quality management and W. Edwards Deming. Look forward to delving into what you have to say. Thank you,
    Dave Tuffs
    Haslett, Michigan

  6. Could it be alright that will put thing about this in my small personal weblog if I post a reference to this webpage?

  7. ramiza says:

    very intersting and informative. i am looking forward for further help, as I am the course instructor of tQM in university of gujrat pakista. please contact me on given email add.

  8. Vicky Lynch says:

    Hi Tim,
    I really enjoyed Characteristics of the Excellent Manager. I am currently working on a piece of literary to document some important managerial skills. Am I allowed to quote your content? Thank you for your time and consideration.

    • timprosser says:

      Hi Vicky, and thanks for the flattering request. I am perfectly happy being quoted, if you can accept my lack of specific academic credentials – I’ve never pursued that Ph.D. in organizational behavior I talked about for many years. Please send me a copy or link to your document, if you would, as I am sure I will find it interesting. Thanks agian — Tim

  9. Vicky Lynch says:

    Thanks so very much, Tim! Your information was great. I have not yet started with my content. At this time, I am currently doing the research to gather my information. However, I will be glad to forward my document when it is completed.

  10. Piush says:

    if you looking for the job reply me on twitter: @mickytomar

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