Google Reveals Internal Research Results on Teams

I was very pleased to find a review of Google studies on team effectiveness and wish to share the information with you.  It provides interesting new findings on teams including the idea that team effectiveness depends more on team dynamics including, especially, a sense of psychological safety that allows team members to take chances without fear of criticism or negative labeling.

In addition, Google is releasing more information on their new re:Work site, including this article on the 8 skills needed by a manager and team leader.  To compliment this Google also released an article on the best personality types for workers.

I believe research is directing Western business towards the concepts many of us knew were optimal three and four decades ago, but about which American business had no interest.  It seems quite elementary that people will be more productive when they feel secure and respected in their jobs, for example.  It is not surprising that the historically open minded internet industry is a source for good information on management and team optimization, but it is well worth paying attention.  Google spends a lot on understanding their operations and workforce, and on optimizing factors that support productivity, and I believe their findings are worth reading.

Thanks for reading — Tim Prosser


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