Meeting Cost Calculator: A Great Business Tool, But Who Has the Nerve to Suggest It?

I just noticed the Dilbert Meeting Cost Calculator, complete with features like a big display that reads out in dollars flanked by buttons that let you enter the number of people and the average rate.  It updates once per second, which I think is particularly attractive and eye-catching, and will beep or flash a light every 15 minutes if desired.

I imagine this device in a meeting, how it might be introduced, how some (possibly of senior rank) might react violently to its presence, or think it extremely unfunny, and unwelcome.  I then consider how one’s career might be damaged.

I also imagine it on the table at a working meeting that includes no managers-or-above.  People would probably accept it with humor and then keep checking it throughout a meeting.  My sense is it would measurably save time and cost.

Now the problem: how to introduce it …  see if any of my colleagues would take a fancy to it and use it in meetings? … Leave it sitting on my desk for a while and see if someone notices it? … (see how fast it gets stolen) … I can’t help it.  The thought of trying to introduce this to most groups at work makes me cringe, but the effect would be very interesting to see.


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